Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Play dough day

It is always too enticing to stick it on your face...
Sam looks like the play dough alien
And Davis is the play dough mustache man, what silly heads!

Zoo Day

Our most awesome friends the VZ's were in town for Jeff's birthday and we had a great time playing!
Thanks for visiting and I think I speak for all of us when I say we shall never forget watching the gorilla eat his poo, yuck and sad.

You really are the missing link.... love ya!

Ty and the ladies in his life! Ty was quite the gentleman and was a great friend.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Salsa and Peaches!

This was my first attempt ever at salsa. After several comments from Greg that I had failed as a domestic type wife, I decided to give it a shot. With the help from Nancy it turned out great! Greg and the girls got involved and by bedtime the house smelled of sumptious salsa!

Millions of peaches, peaches for me!
We did 36 quarts of peaches and then three frozen bags full! We had peaches everywhere, so yummy. Now I need to make some peach pies, peach shakes, peach bread, ok you get the idea!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The drive home...

The drive was quick, we made it in record 4 hours, thanks to Greg. The girls were so good :)
Sweet Syd just chillin!
Sam was great entertainment for us all...

Nice shades Oaklee, what a doll.

Silver Dollar Breakfast

Breakfast was yummy! Thanks Mom and Dad. We ate at The Silver Dollar in Jackson before trecking home...


The first leg that Greg got to ride was a bit of a disappointment, he got three flats, to bad. But he was all ready to have a great last ride! Go Greg!

By some miracle we all arrived in Alpine at the same time, so I got to see him take off on the last leg of the race.
See you in Jackson..... well actually not, he made it so fast that I missed his arrival, bummer. They all did so great and it turned out awesome.


Check out the sexy stanp! Pretty sweet eh?
Getting all geared up for the big ride!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grandparents Day!

At school Sam was able to take her Grandparents to breakfast. Nothing pleased her more than escorting her grandparents around her school and spending the morning with them, thanks Mom and Dad!


What a doll! Sydney insisted her first day of school picture be taken on her favorite bike! Sam got a bigger bike and Sydney has been stuck like glue to her "new" bike! She calls her school the "tiny" school and Sam's school the "Big" school! She already won't let me walk her in and loves homework (for now) and especially her backpack. She is a good girl :)


Girls, girls, girls! What a lucky Greg.

Biker hottie!

So to escape the sticky baby and house full of female emotions he went on a bike ride! We love you Daddy don't crash!

Gooby baby

One messy chick! I was laughing so hard and Greg was cursing me for letting her get soooo sticky!
Say sticky face!

Ballet n' Tap

First day of ballet and tap! We found a perfect dance studio and Sam is more than excited to be learning ballet and tap. There was nothing quite so cute as watching that girl and all those tights and leotards!

Supportive Sydney was so excited to get a dance outfit of her own and can't wait to get into a class one day too!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

and that leaves.... us!

So Oaklee and Sydney are spending some quality time with Mommy and we are getting tons done. Redecorating the house, keeping up on all the laundry, house work and playing lots! Syd has also started Preschool and her first day pictures are coming soon!


First day of school for my little Samantha! She loves school and was soooo excited for this day. It was hard to get too emotional seeing how ready she was and all her excitement. Still loves it and all her friends and teachers. She is already learning tons and know she will do great things in life :)

Sassy Girls in my life!

This is Sam's latest favorite pose, back to back! Besides being the sassiest girl in the world she is pretty darn cute.

Sam and Shyan.... don't they look like trouble?
Sam and Sydney, duo of craziness!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bear Lake 2010 :)

Bear Lake! We spent some good times here this year with Chad and Nancy's family one time and then Brett and Kirstin and Mom and Dad. The crazy biking boys in our lives think that it is fun to bike there from Huntsville. They made it safe and sound both times and that is all that I care about. Got to love yummy shakes and cold water :)

Face time

These two deserve a little face time! To me they look soooo much alike :) Greg is great about giving Oaklee time when he comes home from work and they are silly buddies :)

24th of July camping!

Here we are again, lounging in the tent. This time we were at Cobble Creek Camp in South Fork canyon. We have great campers :)

4th of July camping****

A tradition is forming on the 4th of July and that is camping in my parents backyard. The girls love to sleep in a tent and there is no better place than Eden!

Chillin in Greg's hammock :)
Oaklee was loving all the excitement of camping.

*Beautiful memories*